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Urban T-Shirts

Everyone wants to be unique – which is kind of an oxymoron. Nonetheless, this is what people are looking for. Urban tees (sometimes called graphic tees or artistic tees) offer that uniqueness. The shirts are usually stylish using curvy lines and spirals with dark colors and almost always include an artist’s rendition of a skull, cross, dragon, wings or a mystic figure. These types of shirts also use city objects like buildings, street lights, fences, roadways, bridges, etc. The aforementioned styles are almost 100% exclusive to guys, but there are also urban t-shirts that cater to the female.

Female urban tees usually involve objects found in nature like trees, flowers, and “cute” insects. These objects are often accompanied by some witty slogan or word. A flower t-shirt might have artistic flowers with swirling lines with a fancy looking quote that reads “Use your senses, smell a flower.” A shirt with a tree on it could be accompanied by the single word “Wisdom.” Shirts like this are selling like hotcakes and usually cost substantially higher than the average t-shirt because they are considered works of art.

Whether you consider it art or not, urban graphic tees are what’s in at the moment. The funny t-shirt phase is fading fast, if you are in the t-shirt business you may want to jump into the urban bandwagon while it’s still rolling!