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Tricks Pick Good Style of Shirt

Sleeve Length
Firstly, you need to consider what length sleeves you want your shirt to have. There are two main options, short sleeved and long sleeved, although some designer shirts also come in a third option with three quarter length sleeves. Generally sleeve length will be determined by the weather with short sleeves worn more during the warmer months and long sleeves worn in the cooler months. However some people who team shirts with a jacket, will wear short sleeve shirts all years as they can be more comfortable as an under garment.

Next you need to consider the colour of the shirt. Whether choosing a plain shirt or a patterned one, colour is very important. You many need to consider what other items of clothing you will be wearing the shirt with for example the colour of your suit, trousers, footwear or accessories such as ties. This is especially important if you operate a ‘mix and match’ style wardrobe. You may also need to consider your skin tone, hair colour or eye colour when selecting a shirt too. Paler colours tend to look better on dark or olive skin tones, as do vibrant colours where as mid-range colours tend to look good on fair skin types. Some colours enhance the hair colour whilst others can bring out the colour of your eyes.

As well as overall colour, you also have to consider the pattern on your shirt. The pattern can really jazz up an otherwise boring shirt and turn it into a key fashion piece. If you have a confident, outspoken personality you may want to convey this with a bold, heavy pattern. For a less striking look, a smaller, uniform pattern may be more suitable such as stripes.