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Category Archives: Fashion

Dress Shirt Cuff

To start, allow me to explain some basic tailoring rules when it comes to men’s suit sleeves. While being fitted for a suit, stand in front of a full-length mirror. Keep your body straight and look forward at all times. If you look down to view the tailor measuring your sleeves, the sleeves will slowly creep down and the final length will be askew. Be sure to observe the tailor, but only in the mirror. The tailor should cuff up your suit sleeves to show you where the suit sleeves’ edges will be once the tailoring is complete. Turn to the side to look at the sleeve profile. Suit sleeves are cut on a slight angle and you want to be sure that the back part of the sleeve, where the buttons are, is not too long. The tailor should then measure with a ruler- not a tape measure- from the tip of your thumb to the bottom part of your wrist. That is precisely where the chalk mark should go on your suit sleeves for shortening. This measurement, on average, is four inches and works well for various shirt type options regardless of whether you plan to wear button cuff, barrel cuff or French cuff shirts. For men who wear French cuff shirts exclusively, I recommend a four and a half-inch measurement from the tip of the thumb. This allows a shirt’s cuffs to show a bit more and will give rise to displaying some cufflink when moving about during the day.

Conversely, if your suit sleeves need to be made longer, the same tailoring rules apply. As an aside, in both cases, whether lengthening or shortening suit sleeves, be certain the tailor replaces the faux button stitching in the correct places relative to the new sleeve length. When the stitching is removed during tailoring and not put back on, you know for certain you got a rush job. Either the tailor is lazy, inexperienced or both. Always request that the stitching be sewn back to the original look. If your suit comes with sleeves prepared for working buttons, also known as surgeon’s sleeves, be sure to review the placement of the holes before they are cut into the fabric.

When the measuring for shortening suit sleeves is complete and the tailor has cuffed the suit’s sleeves to the expected, final length, pull your shirt’s cuffs all the way down. Use the mirror to determine how much shirt cuff will show out from the anticipated, new sleeve length of the suit. Measure from the end of a suit’s sleeve to the end of a shirt’s cuff. If you have one-quarter inch to one half-inch showing for a button/barrel cuff shirt, you are at the ideal measurement. If the amount of shirt showing is longer than that, it is the shirt’s sleeves that are too long and need to be shortened. For French cuff wearers, a half to one full inch is an acceptable measurement, which will show off the double fold of a French cuff very smartly.

Match Shirt With a Tie

1. Work. If we are trying to find a good set for work we should remember that clothes to work should be toned down but not boring. All depends on where do we exactly work – if we have to be really elegant it is good to stay classy and avoid extravagance. When we are choosing tie it shouldn’t be the same color as jacket and shirt but has to be reserved.

2. How to match colors and designs. A good practise is to use three colors and two designs. If you want to wear suit with ornaments or shirt the tie should be in one color or in really delicate stripes. To match designs well we need to have some experience in this matter, so safer would be using only three colors and two designs.

3. An evening set. Evening set also depends on a place where we are going. Black suit, white shirt and silk tie with staple – that’s a classic outfit. But we can have this set and make it a bit extravagance and add an unusual cufflinks in example. To be creative is very important as long as we know what we are doing and doing it with good taste.

4. Matching tie with a person. If a man is tall he looks good in a two-tied tie. This will make the body look better cause it will give a harmony to the posture. If the person isn’t too tall it is better to use one-tied tie. And using tie with stripes can help our body look more thin – the same effect might be with colors.

Fashion Undergoes

Another popular form of dress happens to be the T shirt which can be teemed with anything like jeans, trousers, shorts, cargos etc. Be it work or casual lounge wear a T shirt never looks out of place.

There are some reputed brands of T shirts preferred by the quality conscious people out there like Lacoste, Polo, Proline, Tommy Hilfiger etc. They are probably priced higher than others but are truly a class apart. T Shirts make excellent travel wear especially because they are light weight and chances of creasing are less. They are available in sizes ranging from infants up to adults.

You can find T shirts in whatever material you prefer like cotton, wool and synthetic materials like nylon, Polyester, Lycra etc. Make your choice according to the climatic conditions, provided that it suits you. T shirts are also popular sports wear worn by athletes, golfers, cricket, and foot ball and basket ball players in every season.

Clothes alone don’t constitute fashion. Accessories like matching shoes, bags; belts and jewelry have become a part of every carefully selected outfit. Most major brands have their own selection of such accessories that compliment their clothes.

Designing is a major part of the fashion industry so much so that it has become a full fledged career for many. There are specialized courses offered to gain knowledge of various styles, cuts, and commercial aspect of selling clothes.

Fashion houses like Prada, Gucci, Givenchy and many more sell atrociously priced dresses ardently sought after by celebrities and stars. A famous personality posing as the brand ambassador of a particular line sets a fashion statement each time he/she appears in public flaunting the latest brand design.

Fashion shows are another highlight of the industry. Shows of major brands are eagerly watched each season by the fashion journalists, designers and every ‘clothes crazy’ individual out there. Cities like Paris, Milan, London, and Las Vegas are among the major fashion hubs in the world.

The arrival of department stores and shopping malls has made shopping all the more pleasurable and easier. Department stores are a one stop place for all fashion necessities. Prices are comparatively reasonable and attractive discount sales are put up at the end of every season that appeals a lot to shoppers.

Tricks Pick Good Style of Shirt

Sleeve Length
Firstly, you need to consider what length sleeves you want your shirt to have. There are two main options, short sleeved and long sleeved, although some designer shirts also come in a third option with three quarter length sleeves. Generally sleeve length will be determined by the weather with short sleeves worn more during the warmer months and long sleeves worn in the cooler months. However some people who team shirts with a jacket, will wear short sleeve shirts all years as they can be more comfortable as an under garment.

Next you need to consider the colour of the shirt. Whether choosing a plain shirt or a patterned one, colour is very important. You many need to consider what other items of clothing you will be wearing the shirt with for example the colour of your suit, trousers, footwear or accessories such as ties. This is especially important if you operate a ‘mix and match’ style wardrobe. You may also need to consider your skin tone, hair colour or eye colour when selecting a shirt too. Paler colours tend to look better on dark or olive skin tones, as do vibrant colours where as mid-range colours tend to look good on fair skin types. Some colours enhance the hair colour whilst others can bring out the colour of your eyes.

As well as overall colour, you also have to consider the pattern on your shirt. The pattern can really jazz up an otherwise boring shirt and turn it into a key fashion piece. If you have a confident, outspoken personality you may want to convey this with a bold, heavy pattern. For a less striking look, a smaller, uniform pattern may be more suitable such as stripes.

Tricks Fit Any Man Body Type

Steer clear of turtlenecks – For those of you out there who are body mass challenged or on the heavier side, you don’t want to be wearing turtlenecks this winter. Try to buy sweaters or long sleeve shirts with a V-neck. This naturally draws the eyes downward creating the effect of a sleeker silhouette. It also makes you appear to have a longer neck instead of your short neck or double chin.

Say no to horizontal stripes – There are a large number of guys out there who have a little more in the stomach area than they would like. Sometimes it’s a beer belly, other times it just lack of exercise. If you are one of these guys, then you need to stop wearing shirts with horizontal stripes. Vertical ones are OK but say no to horizontal ones. The reason being is that vertical stripes elongate your silhouette giving you the appearance of being visually slim. Paired up a nice black dress shirt, you cannot go wrong with a pinstripe suit for any office Christmas party this year.. Even a nice pinstripe dress shirt can work for you at any occasion.

Pick your prints carefully – Don’t wear T-shirts and dress shirts that have large or busy prints on them. This holds especially true for larger, bulky men. Not only are the tacky but they also draw attention to your body’s upper half. Not the best plan if you are trying to stop everyone from noticing your big belly. Wear a shirt with a small print that is spaced quite far apart and you’ll no doubt look your best.

Buy a belt – A nice belt not only looks stylish but will also give you an added tuck in your waistline to make you look slimmer. You don’t want any belly overhang also known as a muffin tops so don’t wear your belt too tight.

About Lumberjack Shirts

hese shirts were originally known as “logger” shirts. Some people also refer to it as the classic check shirt. They have been around for a while now. Actually, you can say they’ve been around so long that they will probably be staying forever. They were predominantly worn by men in the past but that has changed in recent times.

Women have now seen the beauty of wearing the right lumberjack shirt and we know what happens when women latch on to something.

These shirts are cool and extremely comfortable to wear. It is also loved for its durability. In the past these shirts were made in red and blue however as the popularity of the shirt increased designers adapted the original look to come up with a greater range of colours and check patterns.

For men who are prone to making a mess, getting a darker shade colour might just do the trick. For women, the bright colours always bring out the sparkle in you.

Due to the development and advancement in designs by well-known designers, the lumberjack shirt has now become a fashionable wear. Prices are variable depending on the brand name and quality of material used. Most merchants that sell shirts will stock these shirts so you should be able to get what you want.

Trends Men Shirts

For professional occasions, there is no choice. Formal dressing etiquette requires tucked-in shirts. Many people though do not like to tuck in the shirts because it shows their protruded belly. They can opt for long tail men’s shirts for casual occasions. If you plan to wear tucked-out shirts, better opt for half sleeves. Full sleeves are always ideal for tucking in. T-shirts are excellent options for those who want to keep the shirts tucked out. It provides a compact appearance and fit nicely to the body.

On the other hand, there are some people who prefer to wear tucked-in shirts always. There is no problem with this habit. Only thing is that such people should avoid T-shirts. Some decades ago tucked-in T-shirts were a fashion craze. However, they no longer are in the reckoning.

New Trends In Shirt Materials

Traditionally, both natural fiber and artificial fiber were used for manufacturing shirts. Cotton is an example for natural fiber and polyester is an example for artificial fiber. Cotton is costlier and is supposed to have better quality.

On the other hand, the main advantage of polyester is its cost-effectiveness. Nowadays, poly-cotton – a blend of good features of cotton and polyester – is predominantly used to make men’s shirts. Among other shirt materials, metallic silk deserves special mention. Shirts made of white metallic silk are ideal for special occasions and ceremonies.

Fall Fashions For College

College is a great place to showcase your personal style, whether you’re into skater chic or preppy blazers. But as any girl can attest, even if you’re set in your fashion ways, it’s a drag to have to pull out that sweater you’ve had for the past three years at the start of the school year and try to get a fresh back to school look out of it. So what are some of the hottest back to school outfits for women for the fall 2010/11 season, and where can you get them?

Military Fashion

The military trend is really big at the moment, but don’t worry, it’s not all about fatigues and camouflage, as this season is really about subtle military touches. A great way to add an army flourish is with a military jacket, such as the Angel Kiss Military Jacket, which is available from Sears.

Another simple way to spice up your back to school style is with aviator sunglasses, so check out the great selection at AC Lens.


No longer just for the dance studio, you’ll now see leggings everywhere, in all seasons. They’re the perfect fall and winter accessory to get extra mileage out of your favorite leg-baring skirts and dresses, and some fashionistas have even taken to wearing leggings like pants. With tons of cute legging designs and styles now available, including denim, tie-dyed and capri, it’s easy to dress up your back to school clothing.

Start with something basic like the Allison Brittney Legging pair it with a colorful tunic (Kmart has a really cute selection) for both comfort and style.

Be Classical With T-Shirts

During the 19th century, t-shirts moved a bash comparison to undergarments. And as the world changes, people became more conscious with what we call layering of clothes, and little by little it has been acceptable to see people wearing comfortable undergarments in the public. And that has become the turning point of t-shirts when it comes to selling power. People started to learn wearing them since they are very comfortable and well tailored. They sometimes appear ragged to some, but they are still impressive.

Did you notice that in some of the political movements, they used t-shirts as a uniform and have become icons or simply become collective touch stones? This is because they are being sold in a very cheap price and can be used as a mobile advertising sign and was proven great to establish branding. It has been popular because of such purpose. When people became aware of this potential, personalized t-shirts which focuses on deliberately referring to some cultural points dealing with culture, films, TV and politics, the personalized t-shirt business sprouted all over the place. You can practically see them anywhere and even online. With personalized t-shirt printing, you can put any statement you like and be unique. Majority of the people who like this idea came from the young ones. Through this, they can easily express what they think, how they feel and make way for their creativity.

Through the decades of success, we can see that the future is still positive with t-shirts. Because of the advancement in our technology, we can definitely dig in and look for more opportunities’ of t-shirts in the business. T-shirts can be used as a memorabilia product, perfect for gifts or even a corporate giveaway. Truly, you can do lot of things with t-shirts, they are not only proven to be the classical look in style but can also give you an opportunity of a good business venture.

T-shirts are the most classical wardrobe for both male and female. Through the years they never had gotten out of the fashion limelight ever. This is because they are easily available and you can wear them in any occasion. You can easily get some in the mall and pick the most comfortable yet fashionable t-shirt in town. Believe me you can never go wrong in wearing t-shirts. Just make sure that you also consider your style and budget and not only the trend of today. That will make you definitely be on top of the fashion and style.

Urban T-Shirts

Everyone wants to be unique – which is kind of an oxymoron. Nonetheless, this is what people are looking for. Urban tees (sometimes called graphic tees or artistic tees) offer that uniqueness. The shirts are usually stylish using curvy lines and spirals with dark colors and almost always include an artist’s rendition of a skull, cross, dragon, wings or a mystic figure. These types of shirts also use city objects like buildings, street lights, fences, roadways, bridges, etc. The aforementioned styles are almost 100% exclusive to guys, but there are also urban t-shirts that cater to the female.

Female urban tees usually involve objects found in nature like trees, flowers, and “cute” insects. These objects are often accompanied by some witty slogan or word. A flower t-shirt might have artistic flowers with swirling lines with a fancy looking quote that reads “Use your senses, smell a flower.” A shirt with a tree on it could be accompanied by the single word “Wisdom.” Shirts like this are selling like hotcakes and usually cost substantially higher than the average t-shirt because they are considered works of art.

Whether you consider it art or not, urban graphic tees are what’s in at the moment. The funny t-shirt phase is fading fast, if you are in the t-shirt business you may want to jump into the urban bandwagon while it’s still rolling!