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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Tricks Fit Any Man Body Type

Steer clear of turtlenecks – For those of you out there who are body mass challenged or on the heavier side, you don’t want to be wearing turtlenecks this winter. Try to buy sweaters or long sleeve shirts with a V-neck. This naturally draws the eyes downward creating the effect of a sleeker silhouette. It also makes you appear to have a longer neck instead of your short neck or double chin.

Say no to horizontal stripes – There are a large number of guys out there who have a little more in the stomach area than they would like. Sometimes it’s a beer belly, other times it just lack of exercise. If you are one of these guys, then you need to stop wearing shirts with horizontal stripes. Vertical ones are OK but say no to horizontal ones. The reason being is that vertical stripes elongate your silhouette giving you the appearance of being visually slim. Paired up a nice black dress shirt, you cannot go wrong with a pinstripe suit for any office Christmas party this year.. Even a nice pinstripe dress shirt can work for you at any occasion.

Pick your prints carefully – Don’t wear T-shirts and dress shirts that have large or busy prints on them. This holds especially true for larger, bulky men. Not only are the tacky but they also draw attention to your body’s upper half. Not the best plan if you are trying to stop everyone from noticing your big belly. Wear a shirt with a small print that is spaced quite far apart and you’ll no doubt look your best.

Buy a belt – A nice belt not only looks stylish but will also give you an added tuck in your waistline to make you look slimmer. You don’t want any belly overhang also known as a muffin tops so don’t wear your belt too tight.

About Lumberjack Shirts

hese shirts were originally known as “logger” shirts. Some people also refer to it as the classic check shirt. They have been around for a while now. Actually, you can say they’ve been around so long that they will probably be staying forever. They were predominantly worn by men in the past but that has changed in recent times.

Women have now seen the beauty of wearing the right lumberjack shirt and we know what happens when women latch on to something.

These shirts are cool and extremely comfortable to wear. It is also loved for its durability. In the past these shirts were made in red and blue however as the popularity of the shirt increased designers adapted the original look to come up with a greater range of colours and check patterns.

For men who are prone to making a mess, getting a darker shade colour might just do the trick. For women, the bright colours always bring out the sparkle in you.

Due to the development and advancement in designs by well-known designers, the lumberjack shirt has now become a fashionable wear. Prices are variable depending on the brand name and quality of material used. Most merchants that sell shirts will stock these shirts so you should be able to get what you want.

Trends Men Shirts

For professional occasions, there is no choice. Formal dressing etiquette requires tucked-in shirts. Many people though do not like to tuck in the shirts because it shows their protruded belly. They can opt for long tail men’s shirts for casual occasions. If you plan to wear tucked-out shirts, better opt for half sleeves. Full sleeves are always ideal for tucking in. T-shirts are excellent options for those who want to keep the shirts tucked out. It provides a compact appearance and fit nicely to the body.

On the other hand, there are some people who prefer to wear tucked-in shirts always. There is no problem with this habit. Only thing is that such people should avoid T-shirts. Some decades ago tucked-in T-shirts were a fashion craze. However, they no longer are in the reckoning.

New Trends In Shirt Materials

Traditionally, both natural fiber and artificial fiber were used for manufacturing shirts. Cotton is an example for natural fiber and polyester is an example for artificial fiber. Cotton is costlier and is supposed to have better quality.

On the other hand, the main advantage of polyester is its cost-effectiveness. Nowadays, poly-cotton – a blend of good features of cotton and polyester – is predominantly used to make men’s shirts. Among other shirt materials, metallic silk deserves special mention. Shirts made of white metallic silk are ideal for special occasions and ceremonies.

Fall Fashions For College

College is a great place to showcase your personal style, whether you’re into skater chic or preppy blazers. But as any girl can attest, even if you’re set in your fashion ways, it’s a drag to have to pull out that sweater you’ve had for the past three years at the start of the school year and try to get a fresh back to school look out of it. So what are some of the hottest back to school outfits for women for the fall 2010/11 season, and where can you get them?

Military Fashion

The military trend is really big at the moment, but don’t worry, it’s not all about fatigues and camouflage, as this season is really about subtle military touches. A great way to add an army flourish is with a military jacket, such as the Angel Kiss Military Jacket, which is available from Sears.

Another simple way to spice up your back to school style is with aviator sunglasses, so check out the great selection at AC Lens.


No longer just for the dance studio, you’ll now see leggings everywhere, in all seasons. They’re the perfect fall and winter accessory to get extra mileage out of your favorite leg-baring skirts and dresses, and some fashionistas have even taken to wearing leggings like pants. With tons of cute legging designs and styles now available, including denim, tie-dyed and capri, it’s easy to dress up your back to school clothing.

Start with something basic like the Allison Brittney Legging pair it with a colorful tunic (Kmart has a really cute selection) for both comfort and style.